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Be here now...

Welcome in the being. 
If you are in front of a computer or Laptop screen observe with tranquility with me this space world into this galaxy. Imagine it a free flight for you into the scape, the only thing you have to do is breath calmly by aneling and exiling.  

Oh! well, I label myself in this space Spiritual Conversationalist. I have no idea! Why I come up with this name '' conversationalist' '' Let be curious. Follow me! 
It's the contrary. I allowed myself to open this door, out of my creative and professional webspace, so that I can remind myself to always come back into the world of BEING. 
A world where you do not only exist into the circle of routine and the multiple DOINGS.

Anything creative ideas, Invention, and innovation, music, and Art inspirations come out of the NOTHING DOING... 
Only Stillness. When we are not only into the doing on earth but we stop and dive back into the Now, the pure being of ourselves, and connect to the hight source energy.
My grandmother, use to call me often (Ilunga KUYA IKALA APA!) Ilunga come and simply seat down, doing nothing.  I sometimes didn't like it as most kids and adults won't handle being still in this doing world. 
As my favourite spiritual guide Lao Tzu and the author of Dao Te Ching, once said '' Are you ready to simply settle. Becomes Clear. Have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water becomes clear ''At these time gaps with my grandma Tshiala, I use to feel rested, felt energised with tranquility, afterword more inspiration & peaceful imagination fly my spirit and all my little problems dissolve into that stillness moment. I never get it until later... 

Coming back to a conversationalist, the irony about it is not about Talk, Talk and Talking but instead compassion listening. I see it like a heart to heart chill-full walk or fly time around the Universe. (No labels, No identification, No Guilt, No Master and Guru, No right & Wrong ) instead purely two being's awareness of being a life. I have to admit that compassion listening its a pure art, I struggle with it in my personnel relationship with my wife. But through that struggles its awaken me to pay attention to the self.

In a world were when we struggle with our personnel relationships and with others the only place most modern humans will turn too, it's at the Doctor psychology, relationship coach & Gurus. Don't get me wrong, I am not doubting their intellect contributions help guide there patients. But most of these session highly cost per hours to be able to talk with a trustful human being. Inside of our cups of problems and struggles, most of us have also a financial difficulties. Its becoming almost impossible to be listen to, for free. Most family members are also busy with their daily life schedules and avoid the pain that comes with conflict resolution or simply listening with compassion. 
BOOM... One feels alone or a couple doesn't know where to turn too.


Remember you are not alone: There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. 

Well... My door are open for a trip behind the universe when staying simply into the being. I will be willing and  open for distance vocal talk or video chat or simply email. When circumstances of life allow, meet up as well could be possible. depend on which part of the world I will be.

That enough for now, thanks for coming with me at this intro trip into the stillness space. 

Stay tuned for more exchanges and some time with short video poster from me. 

 Next time I will be sharing about 
'' Micro Dose Meditation '' for children and adults. Everyone are able to do it. No complication or Guru introduction :)


I am looking forward.  
Stay with peace & tranquility until next time. Don't hesitate to write me if you feel like it, I would love to hear from any existing human being out there.


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