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About Me

Hello! Welcome here to learn little a bit more about my other labels through this resume below.

You will find info about my so call '' professional '' journey, although it won't offer you my pure biography, but a little idea to perceive me into the world of a professional resume ''A normal citizen of the modern world '' Here is for those who are interested. Please scroll below :)





2012 -  2014:                                        National Diploma: Film and Video Technology/FilmScience at Cape                                                                 Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town.

FEB 2010:                                             Training and work: TV Broadcast "World Cup BOOTCAMP", with focus                                                              on camera, lighting, sound assistance and TV Monitoring at Visual                                                                    Impact, Cape Town.

DED 2012:                                            ( Catalyst 2.0 ) Transformational Leadership Course 2012

2004:                                                    Trained & worked as Junior Technician at Cerveau Electronique.

2007:                                                   Grade 12 (Matric) at Kalamu Technical Institute Kinshasa with focus on                                                              Telecommunication, in DR Congo.



Pass & Current time:                                  Social Activist, Independent researchers for scientific and new                                                                           innovation for African ground environment.


                                                             Co-Founder of Kin-StartupLAB ( )


                                                             Learning & Paying attention to the being by trying to understand the                                                                   spiritual Being we are. 

2016 until current:                                    Still in Post-Production Editing my long metrage  ‘’ The                                                                                     Twisted Rope of Africa – Ubuntu Makasi ‘’

2019 until current:                                     Writing a book about my recent adventure trip in Kinshasa – Congo.                                                                That has awakened my world view today. '' In Search of Potable                                                                      water ''

 August 2018 - March 2019:                      Co-Creator of a Social Project – Water for All in Kinshasa DRC.

                                                              A successful crowdfunding for water forage project.

February – June 2018 :                               Written, Filmed, Edited and Directed two social awareness Film                                                                        documentaries, both produced in Berlin


I. '' Change of Perspective - My new life in Berlin ''A 28 Minute Film Documentary dive into the perspective of two young refugees, the short film gives insights into their new everyday life in Berlin away from their home countries and herewith their challenges and hopes.

II. '' The Echo '' or '' Nachall '' German version. Its a 21 Minute Film Documentary Migration is a worldwide phenomenon and there has always been migration in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg.
This film provides an interesting insight into the history of the former GDR residence on Gehrenseestraße
- through interviews with contemporary witnesses who themselves lived there as contract workers before 1989 and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


September – August 2017:                       - An intensive 10 days Pre-Production & Pro-Production in                                                                                   five different Swiss cities, as an independent researcher for creative                                                                   entrepreneurship as we documenting filmmaker to produce visual                                                                       contains for the trip together with a chinese business entrepreneur team.

                                                            - Production Assistant for Ocean Studio Video projects.

                                                            - Filming a created Game based on Democracy (Art work)
                                                            - Shot , Edit Co-produced Several video contents film

                                                              for Berlin SPIK Youth Club.

                                                            - Filmmaking Master Class & Assisting

                                                             making a short Video Film contents with SPIK Club Youngsters.

                                                            - Long Metrage Documentary ‘’The Twisted Rope of Africa – Ubuntu                                                                   Makasi ‘’ Post-Production (Editing process)


August 2015 – June 2016:                        Nine months road trip - Adventure in a caravan with my wife and our                                                                 2 years old baby girl, throughout seven Southern African countries                                                                     from villages to cities, shooting documentaries now on Post- production                                                               process.

March 2014 – 2015:                               Production for a music video for a SA got Talent 2013 participant and                                                               local Artist Julian Wenn, funded through own crowdfunding campaign                                                               on Indiegogo

Dec 2012 – May 2013:                           D.O.P, producer and director of the Catalyst 2.0 Transformational                                                                     Leadership Course 2012 Documentary Production assistant at ACT                                                                   Cape Town for the final year shot film („In cars“)

Oct 2011 – Feb 2012:                             DVD Documentation production of the Jewish-Christian event Jerusalem                                                               Woven Destinies organised by the South African author and artist                                                                     Elizabeth Robertson Campbell.

Oct 2011:                                              Contracted by Big World Cinema Production Company

                                                            ( Steven Markovitz ) to join promotion and distribution team of  the                                                                    African Blockbuster “Viva Riva” by Djo Tunga wa Munga ( 12                                                                          nominations, 6 awards ) in Cape Town - South Africa.

NOV 2010 - MAR 2011:                        - Background and Lead cost actor for a National &                                                                                          International production commercials (Mercedes Benz, Nikon Camera,                                                              Chicken Licken)

                                                           - Background actor in an American Production filmed in Cape Town:

                                                           Lost Boys 3 & Death Race 2

JUL 2010 – FEB 2011 :                           Writing, Producing and Directing my 1st short documentary about                                                                     homeless people: “Cape Town – Mother City?” Co-Produced

                                                           by Visual Impact.

2009 - 2010:                                        Intern at Visual Impact ( Film and Broadcast )

REWARDS :                                          - Being a life ( Existing )

                                                          - 2011 won “Making a Difference” Award at the International                                                                          - Community Film Festival in Toronto, Canada for my first documentary                                                                 “Cape Town-Mother City?”

                                                          - Received the National Bursary from HCI Foundation for my film studies                                                              in Cape Town - South Africa.

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